About Our Eggs…

Our Girls Are Fed – 100% Corn & Soy Free

Glysophate Free Grains and Alfalfa


Our egg pricing may vary from store to store. Below is our farm store pricing for Large eggs. Click the link below to buy yours today for FARM PICKUP ONLY.  All prices listed below reflect cash pricing.  All online purchase prices reflect card pricing (3.5% increase).

What Sets Us Apart? 

Hay Laid

Contrary to industry standards, Our happy hens lay eggs in real Hay Nests not Turf. This gives our girls the FREEDOM to create their own cozy nests.

Hand Gathered

Dedicated hands carefully collect each egg, fostering a personal connection between our team and the Hens.

Hand Packed

Each egg is washed, inspected, and packaged by Hand. 

Freshly Delivered

From our farm to you, enjoy the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of our freshly packed eggs.

Truly the Happiest Hens in the Nation

Happy Hens is thrilled to be ranked in the top 3 farms in the US with a perfect 5 out of 5 on the Organic Egg Scorecard by the Cornucopia Scoreboard. This recognition reflects our unwavering commitment to humane and sustainable farming practices. Choose Happy Hens for exceptional, ethically produced organic eggs that exceed health-conscious consumers’ expectations.

Luie and Chloe Nevarez

Owners, Happy Hens Farm