What’s the Difference?


  • Our Ladies live OUTDOORS 100% of the time
  • Our Ladies have acres of Room to Roam
  • Our Small Mobile Barns are moved Bi-weekly throughout the fields.
  • We use Rotational Grazing to encourage Healthy and Fertile Soil
  • Our Ladies are Raised in hundreds per Barn
  • Our Roosters play a Key role in the Fields.


Pasture Raised

  • Hens have outdoor access.
  • Hens have “108 sq ft” to roam
  • Barns are Large and Stationary
  • No rotational grazing 
  • Hens are Raised in Tens of Thousands per barn
  • No Roosters

Five Steps to Truly OUTDOORs

Why ROOSTERs are Welcomed

Above And Beyond

The Cornucopia Institute, a renowned organization committed to promoting and supporting organic farming, has recognized Happy Hens Farm efforts in maintaining the highest standards for organic egg production.

We are 1 of 6 farms in the nation to hold Whole Foods Market’s highest egg rating.
Certified Humane, USDA Organic, and Non-GMO Verified, surpassing standards with valid certificates and rigorous inspections.

You Deserve the Best,
Don’t Settle for Less