A TRULY pasture raised hen is …

Our Girls Are Fed

Naturally being outdoors all day our ladies eat a wide variety of vegetation and insects.  In addition to that, we also supplement them with the option to the highest quality Certified Organic Fed.

Happy Hens only eat a 100% Corn & Soy FREE, ORGANIC diet.

In place of those two ingredients, our ladies instead get to enjoy Field Peas, Milo, Alfalfa, Sesame Seeds, Barley & Wheat which makes for an even more delicious egg. (Grains tested for Glyspohate).




Our egg pricing may vary from store to store. Below is our farm store pricing for Large eggs. Click the link below to buy yours today for FARM PICKUP ONLY.

What is TRULY Pasture Raised?

With so many new confusing phrases when it comes to egg labels we want to help unscramble the chaos.

The term ‘pasture-raised’ is unregulated any further than it being necessary to have outdoor access for the birds, doesn’t really matter how much space or how many birds go outside.  In saying we are TRULY Pasture Raised we are saying our Happy Hens are OUTSIDE 100% of the day.  By choice they go inside their mobile barns at night to perch high and be safe from predators but as soon as the suns out so are they.  Check out our recipe for TRULY Pasture Raised Eggs below.

Ingredients for Truly Pasture Raised Eggs…

Our Barns

We designed our barns to first and foremost, be MOBILE!  We believe to be TRULY Pasture Raised you need to be able to rotate the flock regularly.  This is not only great for the hens health, but absolutely ESSENTIAL for the soil health.

Second we wanted the inside of the barn to be a safe place for the girls to get shelter from all those country night critters.

Each MOBILE barn is also fully equipped with fresh water inside and outside from a gravity fed water tank, lots of perch and nesting space as well as access to delicious Certified Organic Feed and Certified Organic Soy/Corn Free Feed to provide superior minerals and nutrients to keep the girls extremely healthy.

Our Pasture

We rotate our Happy Hens for a couple reasons.

  1. Access to fresh vegetation + yummy bugs.
  2. Soil Health: Barn rotation causes even spread of the best fertilizer (chicken poop) on the whole pasture so the next season it comes back full of nutrients!

The hens pull nourishment from the land while depositing vital nutrients back into it. 

The Certified Humane Standard for Pasture-Raised hens is 2.5 acres per 1000 hens (108 sq. ft. per bird).  Our Ladies get to forage on about 65 acres for 10000 hens.

Our Protectors

Living in a rural area that backs up to a HUGE open space preserve we have quite a bit of wildlife activity going on around us.  With sustainability on our mind and the deep desire to create a thriving ecosystem we decided to hire on some guardians to keep the Happy Hens safe from predators day and night without hurting of the wildlife population.   For our nocturnal night crew we hired the not so well-known Anatolian Shepherd.  This breed is native to Turkey and known for protecting livestock from predators such as lions and bears.  Llama and Chickens We figured they could handle keeping a few coyote packs and bobcats away without a problem.  This crew quickly turned into part of the family.

During the day when our pups get some shut eye we have our llama out patrolling the pastures.  She is not keen of strangers or any K9 type animal… although she has learned to tolerate her night time counterparts.  The llama will chase, spit at and try and trample anything she believes to be a threat and are very gentle with everyone she knows as well as with the chickens.  

Part of being TRULY Pasture-Raised means our girls are outside rain or shine.  Read more to see what we do to manage Mother Nature’s elements for our ladies…

When it’s Hot…

Living in Ramona, CA it sometimes gets pretty warm.  With this in mind we have fashioned all our barns with shade clothes to provide a more comfortable environment for foraging and enjoying the great outdoors.  When it gets REALLY HOT on those few days of summer we throw a pool party to quench the heat for all the ladies.  We break out our trusty water truck and rain down cool water all around the barns.  The girls LOVE this.  For the rest of the day you’ll see them enjoying nice cooling ‘mud baths’ or just kicking back in their refreshing wallows.


When it’s Cold…

Those lovely shade clothes that help keep the girls cool during summer also offer them shelter from the rain while the girls are forging outside.  In addition to that, we also have TONS of perch space in the barns so the girls have the option to hang out inside during the really rainy or stormy weather without being crowded.


Not only are our eggs Truly Pasture raised but our girls are also the Happiest Hens out there.